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With all that is happening around in the world today, the time is now for you to tap into who you are and become one with God. You cease to be part of any lack, limitation or chaos, and link yourself up to the source of all supply, God, who is wealth, health, love, and happiness. This relationship is what "YOU ARE ENOUGH" is all about. Through twelve proven steps, you arrive at a place of oneness and understand what Jesus meant when He said, "I and my Father are one."

Knowing God and knowing of God are two completely different relationships, the latter being an ineffective relationship. Spiritual teachers and Leaders must focus and help to build the effective oneness relationship of knowing God. Know More>>

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"I have experienced Rev. Dee's work first hand; her genuine and authentic gift of expression calls forth the true essence of God that we all are. You are Enough is a very timely book full of powerful teaching tools for anyone that desires to grow more spiritually and know the God within. The spiritual laws presented are a welcomed guide to our journey to God; it will definitely bring out the new you".
-- Audrey J. Taylor, ACC. President, DeBarros, Ltd.
Human Resource Consulting, Training & Coaching
"Reading this book has deepened my relationship with God. The content of the book is deep, exciting and highly recommended no matter what you are going through in life. I found it extremely helpful and life changing"
-- Dr. Elizabeth Sobanjo OD. Lilburn, Ga.