About the book

This book “You Are Enough”  was written to give you insight as to how you can connect to your God, your Master, your Creator so your journey can be that of experience, not that of what you heard from someone else. You can get to personally know and have a special relationship with Him.

This is so important because to resolve life’s issues, you must start first with your relationship with God. Anything else is not the answer. Once this relationship is established, or re-established, resolution of every other issue in your life will begin to happen right before your eyes.

How can this relationship with God be established or re-established? How can you go from not knowing Him, not having a clue or much knowledge about the possibilities of God, to total awareness of Him? Desiring to find the answers to these questions is probably why you are here reading this. You Are Enough will help you do just that. It is  an easy-to-read self help book explaining the stages of this process, and the understanding that one needs, to be able to get to the place of saying truthfully “I am Enough” and more importantly that “I and my Father are One”.

The process you will find within the pages of the book reveals awareness, lessons learned, insights gained and discoveries from many years of life experiences, bible studies, ministerial trainings, doctorate trainings and numerous seminars and workshops. I have studied many of the writings of highly acclaimed spiritual teachers like, Charles Fillmore, Joel Goldsmith, Emily Cady, Ernest Holmes, Emerson and many, many more. These teachings have transformed the lives of numerous clients and students as well as mine. I pray it does the same for you. Read the book with an open heart, as many times as you need to. Do not worry if you do not understand or do not concur with some of the information. Continue reading and practicing, I promise your life will transform and propel you to a new level of Oneness Consciousness.

In order to overcome all these undesirable conditions in your life, there are twelve stages to go through, which I will cover in three sections.

First section: Embrace the omnipotence of God into your consciousness –understand all there is to know about God, understand who you are in relation to God, understand how to be close to God—everything about you and God.

Second section: Learn how to strengthen this relationship by prayer and meditation, by tapping into the power of forgiveness, and by using the system of persistent denial (of all the seeming evil) and affirmation (letting in the substance of all good).

Third section: Continuously manage this relationship with God by stepping into the next level of higher consciousness and manifestation where you can then start manifesting all that you want.

Go and purchase the book, your God within is waiting to manifest in unbelievable ways in your life.

By His Grace
Rev. Dr Dee Adio-Moses